The Subway Chronicles
Favorite Subway Musicians


My fave musicians are this husband and wife team who have a flute and some sort of bongo drum, respectively. The husband has this great rap that goes along with the very catchy beat of the drum. My personal favorite line from their song: "this ain't no joke, for real we broke. Real broke." - Adriana ______________________________________________________

Favorite musician: Trumpet man on the F Train.

Musicians I'd most like to kill: NYU students who play at Broadway Lafayette stop. Last thing I need to hear after a long day is a bunch of jerks expressing themselves with 'free jazz.' Jerks. - K. Wheaton ______________________________________________________

When I trudge off the train at West Fourth Street every morning, he's waiting for me, belting out Motown hits or uplifting tunes with his raspy voice that echoes in the tunnel. I always get a nod, a wave, and a smile. The rest of the way to work, I find myself singing the day's selection a sure sign of a musician worthy of my gratitude.

- Jackie


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